The Taicang Inclusion Factory is an illuminating example for the impact the business community could have on its social environment. The company was established by the Foreign industry in Taicang as the first and [so far] the only industrial workshop in China which gives meaningful employment and training to mentally challenged individuals under real market conditions.

At the Inclusion Factory, we strongly believe that intellectually challenged people have the desire to be and are capable of being fully integrated into an industrial working environment and consequently into our society. By applying a unique concept of specialized coaching & mentoring methodologies, smart semi-automated workplaces and an innovative shop floor coaching system we achieve what is commonly perceived to be impossible: challenged people manufacturing at productivity and quality levels being comparable or even better than known from the “normal” industry.

The workshop focuses on becoming an integral part of the industrial value chain in China. Furthermore, it encourages intellectually individuals to develop their personalities and skills through inclusion and professional guidance and by providing a degree of social security. Currently, 25 challenged individuals have been fully employed producing mechanical assemblies and demanding cable harness solutions, among other products.

The ultimate target is to make the concept of the “Inclusion Factory” reproducible by training Social Work Graduates in the just recently founded Social Inclusion Academy..


  • The workshop’s mission is to facilitate the reintegration of its staff into society to the greatest extent possible and to prove that intellectually challenged people can perform demanding tasks while contributing to the country’s economic development
  • To become a financially sustainable social company
  • Multiply the concept China-wide
  • Lead the social change in the Chinese society

Major achievements

  • 1st prize Rotary Leadership Award, 2015
  • Wining the German Chamber & Bertelsmann Stiftung More Than a Market Award 2016 & 2019
  • Nanjing European Chamber CSR Award 2017 & 2018
  • AMCHAM CSR Award 2018 – Most Impactful NGO Award
  • Being supported by TEDA, Taicang as well as KFW Germany as their flagship project in China in recognition of our social mission
  • Opening a Social Inclusion Academy for the training of certified Job Coaches
  • Obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2017

How can you support?

There are endless ways to support:

  • Spread the word – tell people about us!
  • Support us with challenging work orders – getting more projects is a key for our future growth!
  • Consider hiring People with Intellectual Disabilities in cooperation with our Social Inclusion Advisory service!
  • Support us by other means – sponsoring opportunities and special PR packages are available for supporting partners, contact us for more details

Progress—future plans:

  • Scale-up: Duplicate the Inclusion Factory model China-wide
  • Set-up inclusive working line in open-market companies
  • Proof of Concept: Reach a self-sustainable operation relying on people with disabilities
  • Social Agents for Change: Qualifying Job Coaches through our Social Inclusion Academy (SIA)
  • Conduct a research based on our unique model of intervention with the aim to lead a policy change that will allow the opening of similar projects across the country



Challenged Individuals employed

PDF Summary


Thilo Koeppe

President-Elect & Committee Director


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