Rotary Centennial Gala

Thank you from the Rotary Club of Shanghai
by Terri Lau, President of Rotary Club of Shanghai 2019-2020

Dear guests, friends and fellow Rotarians,

On behalf of all our members, I wish to tell you that it was our greatest pleasure to have you join us on October 19th at our Centennial Gala.

As the first Rotary Club in China, we were blessed to count guests and visiting Rotarians from many clubs in China and overseas. With you all, we were able to celebrate the merits of our earliest members, the countless service projects and the long and adventurous history of Rotary in Shanghai as well as in China.

Together, we have closed the first hundred years of our history but more importantly, we have opened a brand new book. We have reaffirmed our wills to serve, our commitment to the community and our goal to let Rotary shine by its actions.

More than ever, our focus is on the younger generations: we seek to show them by example the virtues of solidarity, leadership and service because one day, we hope, they will join us, as Rotarians, friends or partners.

Our gratitude also goes to our sponsors for making our centennial celebration possible.

Again, thank you all for joining us in making that evening memorable and motivating us to carry on for another century!

Yours in Rotary,

Terri Lau – President of Rotary Club of Shanghai 2019-2020

Terri Lau

President of Rotary Club of Shanghai 2019-2020