Past Project: “Water Project”

Two clean water projects in QingHai province on the Tibetan Plateau in order to benefit the Tibetan herder community:

  1. Oct 2013 – Chetsa 1
  2. Apr-Oct 2015 – Chetsa 2


  • Both projects were to reduce the need for women and children to travel distances of up to 15km to collect and return with fresh, clean water
  • Chetsa 1 – lay pipe work from the existing mains source to several stand-pipes in the community, reducing the maximum journey to 5km
  • Chetsa 2 – build and connect a 100 tonne water cistern to allow continuous, uninterrupted, clean water supply to the community throughout winter

Major achievements

  • Direct health benefit to 2100 people and their herds
  • Cessation of conflict between villages over water supply
  • Maternal and child health improved dramatically due to sufficient water for cleanliness
  • Economic development

How can you support?

No further support needed for this project.



People benefitted

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