Past Project: “Percy Chu Scholarship”

The Percy Chu Rotary Scholarship is an ongoing project of the Rotary Club of Shanghai, which was launched in 2002 in honor of our club Past President Percy Chu (1934-35) who devoted himself to the ideals of Rotary until his death on 19 March 2001.


The objective of these Scholarships is to commemorate the lifelong love of learning of RC Shanghai’s Past President (1934-35) Percy Chu by awarding students with RMB 5,000 scholarship, who have excellent performance in the area of language, finance, and social development, and have made great contributions to social charity projects or activity; values which would have made him proud.

Major achievements

Beneficiaries from Shanghai International Studies University, Eastern China Normal University, Fudan University, and Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

2010 – 2011      15 students

2011 – 2012      16 students

2012 – 2013      25 students

2014 – 2015      21 students

How can you support?

No further support needed for this project.



Students benefitted

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