2018 GGE Charity Golf Tournament

Annual Golf Tournament in aid of Youdao Foundation took place on Nov 18th, 2018 at Agile Michelson Golf Course (formerly called Binhai).

This is the first golf activity RCS co-organized with HK Chamber in aid of You Dao Foundation and Sower Action. Participants came from varies golfs teams in Shanghai such as 3D, Harimau, HK Chamber of Commerce, Singapore Chamber of Commerce, HK association in Shanghai. Volunteer team was mainly from You Dao Foundation and staff from HK Chamber. The event went smoothly except the weather was not very friendly to us. We basically played in rains for the whole time but thanks to the coffee sponsor who offered coffee at the refreshment station plus Thai dessert to comfort us we could have some relief. On about 55 people attended the award presentation dinner, to enjoy the fellowship, to bid for the silent auction and to witness the lucky draw raffle. We are thankful for the kind donation from the corporate sponsors, hard work from organizing committee and volunteers and the participants.

Terri Lau

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