GOL began in 2000 in China, is one of the longest service programs, 734 children with congenital heart defects have been saved under the program executed by the Rotary Club of Shanghai. GOL provides life-saving operations to young children and teenagers whose family cannot afford the hospital costs. Since the inception of the program, Rotary Club of Shanghai has been awarded by Rotary International 6 matching grants and 3 global grants, with a total funding exceeds US$ 3 million.


In Dec 2016 we received a US$ 218,000 Global Grant, the largest GOL grant ever in RCS. There are three objectives:

  1. Operations of patient in GOL hospitals (20-49)
  2. Train the trainers at Children Hospital Fudan University (50-99)
  3. Establish Telemedicine consultations

Major achievements

2017-2018: 44 surgeries were performed

2018-2019: 1 surgery has been performed

2019-2020: 24 surgeries were performed

2020-2021: 16 surgeries were performed

2021-2022: 29 surgeries were performed

2022-Till now: 47 surgeries were performed

How can you support?

Roles needed: Hospital Liaison, Treasurer, Global Grant project manager. We welcome anyone who wants to get involved in this RCS flagship program. Requirement: passion, dedication and a helping heart. Please contact committee director Terri Lau for inquiries.

Effective: July 2023




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