Caring for a growing aged population is one of the greatest challenges facing China today. There are few people with jobs in elderly care, and far fewer actually trained for the job. This lack of skilled care givers creates many problems for the entire population of Shanghai. Careers in Care tackled this challenge by teaching migrant workers to care for the elderly.

Working together with the Elderly Care Training Center, under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Shanghai Rotary Club provided financial assistance to migrant workers who enroll in an innovative program to become professional care-givers. Students received up-to-date training in essential courses such as hygiene, CPR, moving the body, dietary issues, psychology, and much more. Students developed practical knowledge that they can implement, the day they graduate, which builds confidence and gives them satisfaction in their work.

The true impact of this project is stunning: not only has the quality of life of the elderly improved, their children are able to go to work confident that their parents will be taken care of properly. Students graduating from Careers in Care have not only learned valuable job skills to support their families, but many have become beloved members of the families they are assisting, and have helped to restore harmony to families and relationships that have previously been strained.

Supported by the Shanghai Charity Foundation for over five years, Shanghai Rotary Club has raised over 1.4 million RMB for Careers in Care, which has allowed 4,600 students to join the program. To this day, this amazing project has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.


  1. Improve quality of life of the elderly in Shanghai
  2. Provide valuable vocational training for migrant workers
  3. Raise the standards of care-giving education

Major achievements

  • 1.4M RMB raised
  • 4,600 students and counting
  • This training was incorporated by the Shanghai municipal government which continues to run the program.

How can you support?

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RMB raised


Students trained

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