Baby’s Home, an open door for great volunteering

In May, one of our former members introduced me to Baby’s Home. Baby’s Home is a Non-governmental Public Welfare Institutions providing medical aid to orphans with special needs in orphanages all over the country.

They provide pre- and post-operative medical programs and nursing services, as well as the implementation and care of the operation. It’s located at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in Pudong. I got in touch with them cause I wanted to know more and I was immediately warmly welcomed by one of the managers, Miss Min. She invited me over to have a look so that I could better understand who they are, what they do and how they do it. During our meeting I immediately noticed their strength is on “HOW” and they key word is “LOVE”.

As we, Rotarians, are people of action I did not want to have this first meeting to be “just a meeting”. I wanted it to become the first step on a mutual cooperation so we went deeper in talking and I found out that one of the imminent need was to provide a medical equipment for a kid who was arriving to the center in June.

I reported all my impressions and feelings to the Service Committee and I was moved by the prompt and fast action of every active member. Project was approved and sent to RCS Board for final review in few hours. Our board gave the final approval and the dream came true. I delivered the medical device myself on June 3rd and once again I was struck by Baby Home open arms. They invited me to visit some kids room where I found love caring Ayis taking care of the babies, playing and spending time with them. At first sight it is evident that it’s not a duty. The atmosphere is incredibly sweet. I also joined a baby massage session offered by some volunteers in that same moment. How can I describe that moment? WOW. It summarizes all. The care, the love, the human touch.

I strongly believe that we set the very first stone to build a long cooperation between us. I’m sure our members have a lot of love to offer and a couple of hours to regularly show it off. So fellow Rotarians, stay tuned for a call!

Tiziana Richiardi

Member since: 2016

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