On July 31st, Gift of Life (GOL) Chair Terri Lau organized a visit to Shanghai Chest Hospital to meet three kids for whom the program had sponsored surgery. All three kids are from Tengchong in Yunnan Province and were brought to Shanghai due to the need for more advanced medical care. Shanghai Chest Hospital has been collaborating with local hospitals for the past 11 years. The program’s success is greatly attributed to the incredible support from both the GOL committee and the hospital.

This marked my very first visit to the young patients following their surgeries, and it was an incredibly moving experience. Our initial meeting was with Dr. Wang, who provided us with an update on the current status of the GOL program from a medical and hospital perspective. He then accompanied us to meet the girls. I was personally astounded by Dr. Wang’s level of involvement. Not only did he possess an in-depth understanding of each child’s medical history, but he also knew their family backgrounds, environments, and community connections. He shared stories about the families, and the villages they hailed from, and even described the beauty of these places, along with the unique local dishes. Furthermore, he recounted success stories of other children he had treated in the past, who have now regained their health and become integral members of the local swimming team. Considering that their futures seemed predetermined and sports were once considered off-limits, this transformation is truly remarkable.

Throughout our conversation with Dr. Wang, his genuine humanity and compassionate nature shone brightly. His humility was truly immeasurable. Dr. Wang, alongside Dr. Tian, is planning another screening and consultation trip to Tengchong in the second week of October, spanning three to five days. If any of our members are interested in participating, please get in touch with PP Terri Lau.

In the pictures: President Tiziana, VP Jeff, GOL Chair Terri, GOL volunteers and committee members Rio and Yi Ping, Dr. Wang

Written by Tiziana Richiardi