Andrew Hill

District Governor

Past President 2016-2017

My Motto: “Be a good person”

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    Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

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  • Fondest RCS memory

    Working on the Careers in Care Project

  • Profession


Andrew has been in China since 1989. During this 29-year tenure he has been actively involved in helping to create and manage various companies in China. In 2010, he received the highest honor for an individual in Shanghai for charitable contributions to society, by being given The Charity Star of Shanghai Award.

Andrew was one of the founders of ELG which has been committed to the mission of providing quality special education and therapy services in China ever since. He is actively involved in the management of the company, its operations and business development. Recently, Andrew was voted as the Chairman of ELG’s non-profit partner and NGO, Shanghai Xiersen Children’s Center; this year he aims to further develop the business and the NGO efforts in order to help more families in China.

Andrew has devoted a large portion of his career to charity and service to others. He has a genuine passion for helping children and young adults, and loves the vibrant and supportive community of Shanghai.