Mini Macao Night – Annual Joint Dinner Party

2 Clubs – 2 Causes – 1 Goal

On May 15, 2021, a joint event by Rotary Club of Shanghai and Rotary Club of Shanghai Elysee – the Mini Macao Night was held successfully in support of two great causes – GOL & Debra, which starts a new tradition to join our good intentions and energy, and make our service projects benefit and thrive.

The long expected Gala dinner took place on May 15th in the Kunlun Hotel. Under the motto of Macao, it was a wild night of games and debauchery. Several tables invited the professionals and amateurs alike to play with their precious chips on drinks of all kinds. A great DJ and excellent band provided the musical entertainment – especially the Spanish songs were a delight indeed.

The proceedings of the event go towards helping children suffering from the butterfly disease, a horrible inherited conditions which makes their skins brittle and vulnerable and which cannot be cured, only alleviated. Also Gift of Life, our signature project, was highlighted with Dr. Chen, who has been with the project from the beginning in China as well as Dr. Wang honored us with their presence and also a brief speech.

And after the meal was finished, the active part started, with Alejandro and Aiwen giving us the honor not only of the first dance but of a wonderfully elegant professional dance performance. A great evening indeed.

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