New Rotary Year: Letter from President Tiziana Richiardi

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Create Hope in the World!


HOPE…. HOPE… I couldn’t hope for a better year theme.

I am the personification of hope. I always have hope. Hope in something,
hope in someone.

I hope you all will accompany me on this journey. We are together, we…
yes, WE! Because this is not my club, it’s OUR club. WE ARE Rotary Club
of Shanghai! Let’s be proud of who we are.

I hope that together we can make this club vibrant and energetic, strong
and passionate.

Let’s make Rotary a priority in our lives:

  • Attend Tuesday meetings because you want to meet like-minded
  • Participate in Service activities because you care about our
  • Join a committee you like and contribute to making it better, bigger,
    stronger and more impactful
  • Choose a cause or a project about which you are passionate (or
    angry), and be its advocate.

We hope we, together, can serve the community and create an impact
locally and worldwide, because we are Rotarians!

I hope you can support my vision of all members of the Rotary Club of
Shanghai working together to make this dream a reality.

Let’s make Rotary your happy island,

Tiziana Richiardi
Rotary Club of Shanghai