Ningbo Blue Night

On a lovely Saturday afternoon Terri and I left Shanghai in order to reach Ningbo and enjoy RC Ningbo First Anniversary Charter Party Event.

The Club motto is “Grow, Connect & Contribute” and the night, same as RC Ningbo President Jan’s words, has been going that way. Of course the Club is very young but there is no doubt about the fact they are growing and they will continue to grow. All members were attending the party and the energy was very high, passing through a rich night program: singing, yoga, modern dancing and Chinese opera performances.

Their service projects were presented during the event and I have to say they are very active and all project are very meaningful.

The event was also a way to connect to each other, a fellowship dinner indeed. Lots of representative from other Clubs were there, including RC Shanghai West, RC Hongqiao, RC Merlion, RC of Macao and of course Rotary Club of Shanghai! Being present was also a contribution. Supporting each other is the best way to create connections and build better friendships to better serve the community we live in. Don’t you agree?

Finally, the night has been a success and Terri and I enjoyed it very much, but if I may I’d like to add an extra thought. Ningbo is probably not behind the corner and going there for a dinner only can be tiring, but it’s not so far either. It has been a three-hours drive more than worth as I had the pleasure to share them with my sister Terri. We spoke all the way to and back from Ningbo (total 6 hours!) We had this great occasion to better know each other, to get closer and share ideas. It has been very productive and pleasant. I really enjoyed it. It has been true fellowship, true sharing, among us first, then with other Rotarians from other clubs. Thanks Terri, thanks RC Ningbo, thanks Rotary.

Tiziana Richiardi

Member since: 2016

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