Passing the Baton

This is NOT a farewell note, it’s a see you later!  The word is small, and I believe we will cross path in the future.  As a Rotarian, the world is even smaller.

I would like to take some space in the Pagoda to reflect on the Rotary year 2018-2019.  When I first took on the role as RCS President, I was a bit nervous and jokingly was counting down the days to handover.  Fast forward ten months, I wish time would slow down so I can continue to serve this club and participate in many more meaningful projects.  Starting in May, I will not be physically here to preside the Tuesday meetings, but thanks to technology I will continue to work behind the scene to support the Board.

Upon reflection, the first thing that came to mind is Rotary Ignite, which happens every third week of the month.  Thanks to Adam who introduced the energy filled five-minute presentation (20 slides with 15 seconds automation rotation).  We have 26 presentations so far; I welcome all to take on this fun challenge and hope this tradition will continue.

The second thing that I am proud of this year is our several “self-funded” service projects, to reserve club’s cash.  Thanks to Rita and the service committee’s leadership we successfully raised enough money for the 3rd Library Project.  This was followed by self-funded Ride for Polio and Yao Dao (supporting migrant students). All of those are also “hands on” projects, where many members can participate.  There are a few more service projects in the pipeline.  Stay tune for hands on work and fellowship time.

There is always area to improve.  Membership engagement is low and personally it was a disappointment to have to cancel our annual party.  Our membership demography is changing, and the club needs to find new innovative ways to engage our members.  Thanks to Rita who held an RCS 2.0 workshop in March.  Many of you and our guests have contributed valuable inputs to make RCS a vibrant club.

We always need new blood, and I am happy to report we have 7 new members so far this year.  As a club we need to engage, orient new members and get them involve early on. We should leverage the power of other clubs in China.  For example, joint annual gala maybe be the way to go in the future.  This is also an opportunity to work together and learn about other clubs.

RCS is in good hands as I pass the baton to Terri Lau and her new Board, and with VP Tracy stepping in to preside the remaining meetings with the support of the current board.  Next year is an important one for RCS as we will proudly celebrate our Centennial anniversary.

I like to close by referencing this year’s club theme, “Back to Basic”.  As we adapt and evolve to the changing world, we must not forget the heart of Rotary is our members, dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship.  Fellowship and service fuel the impact we make.

Yours in Rotary,

Linnet Kwok

President 2018-2019.

Linnet Kwok

Member since: 1990

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