Qingpu Countryside Trip #IFIXTHEPLANET

On a cloudy Saturday morning which moved to a sunny day with over 30 degrees a group of Rotarians and Interactors gathered together to reach the countryside for some “cleaning”.

Accompanied by expert tour guide Fly from Shanghai Outing Club and by Francesca, Associate Professor at Tongji University College of Design and Innovation, we were guided into environmental sustainability with some meditation and practical exercises in the woods.

Well equipped with gloves, litter sticks and bags we moved into the woods to collect as much as we could. We only stopped for a fast picnic lunch, during which we were happily surprised by a nice ‘grandma’ who offered us tomatoes from her harvest after she understood what we were doing there. Be kind to others, others will be kind to you. It’s a mantra!

The result was quite outstanding: 22 medium bags that could count on about 45 to 50kg of diverse litter, with higher percentage in food wrapper, plastic bottles and caps and cigarettes butts. We also tried to take as many pictures and videos as possible despite being busy cleaning because it is our intention to enter ESRAG video contest #IFixThePlanet and get the chance to win a videoconference with RI President Holger Knaack and/or a social good prize to be donated to an approved project of our choice in climate, biodiversity or food. In one of the videos we took, we wanted to show the world our strength made by diversity: age, gender, nationalities so you will listen to English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Maori and Estonian. Interactors volunteered to help with video making so not only they worked hard on the field but they are also going to work hard behind the scenes. For this reason, RCS SPC has agreed to recognize them the price in case of win. Well deserved! The video will be uploaded soon so stay tuned for voting instructions. We need everyone’s support in voting and sharing/asking family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, anyone to vote.

To conclude, I would like to express special thanks to SSES Interact members, RCSI member Jev, RCS members David R. and Naomy who supported and helped with Interactors attendance. Last but not least, Rtn. Michel who did an amazing work in organizing the whole trip without being in Shanghai. Outstanding!

Tiziana Richiardi

Member since: 2016

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