RCS Club Assembly April 23, 2024

On April 23rd, the Rotary Club Shanghai held its Club Assembly meeting. The meeting began with President Tiziana ringing the bell to quiet the enthusiastic crowd. Carlotta led the Four-Way test, and the first order of business was the banner exchange with special guests from RC Makali, Mr. Roland and Mrs. Caling Young.

Next, Beatrice, who is set to become the youngest member of our club, introduced herself. A brief pause for dinner allowed us to hear updates from the 12 committees, which began during dessert.

Specifically, the meeting included: Christian, the admin, and PR committee representative, who shared updates on the newly revamped rotaryshanghai.org, the active LinkedIn club page, and how to use myrotary.com.

Titus provided an overview of the year’s budget.

Rob discussed the Rotary Foundation, member recognition, and service committee updates.

Service committee updates where offered by Basile.

Terri updated us on the GOL state of works and Circle of Centennial Rotary Clubs (CCC).

Tilman highlighted the diversity of our club in terms of nationalities.

David R. explained the various initiatives and activities involving Interactors.

President Tiziana presented updates on behalf of Tomas (Fellowship) and VP Jeff comments and insights as VP and Speaker Committee


The information shared during the meeting was informative for both new and existing members, shedding light on the hard work and dedication of our members behind the scenes.

Visiting Rotarians:

Roland Young – RC Makati

Caling Young – RC Makati

Harry Wong – RC Merlion


Written by Rtn. Carlotta