RCS Speaker Meeting January 16, 2024

The Rotary Club of Shanghai commenced its 2024 speaker series with a remarkable session, featuring renowned Leadership Coach Gabor Holch, an acclaimed author and expert in international business. The event witnessed a gathering of 45 enthusiastic guests, including Rotarians, visiting Rotarians, RCS friends, and first-time visitors.

Gabor presented his latest book, “Dragon Suit.” The book delves into the evolving landscape of foreign firms in China and offers a futuristic perspective on the roles and challenges faced by expatriates. His presentation was not just a promotion of his book but a valuable discourse on the strategic adaptations necessary for success in the dynamic Chinese market.

The audience was captivated by Holch’s insights and experiences, which he shared with wit and depth. He elaborated on how foreign businesses and expatriates could navigate the complexities of the Chinese business environment. His talk highlighted the importance of cultural understanding and adaptability in fostering successful international collaborations.

The meeting’s atmosphere was vibrant and engaging. Markus and Salman, who gave the introduction speech, set a welcoming and enthusiastic tone for the evening. Their words resonated with the club’s commitment to fostering international understanding and cooperation.

A significant highlight of the evening was the induction of Wen as a new member of the Rotary Club Shanghai. This moment underscored the club’s ongoing growth and its dedication to embracing new fellows and perspectives.

Another highlight was the recognition of Rotarian Basile as a Paul Harris Fellow, an important milestone for a Rotarian. President Tiziana delightfully handed over the certificate and pin to Basile, awarding him for his contribution to RCS and The Rotary Foundation.

PP Frank not only generously rang the bell but also handed 2024 calendars to all guests and visiting Rotarian Alex Schönenberger from RC Bern-Muri brought Swiss chocolate for everyone.

The event concluded with a lively networking session, where members and guests exchanged ideas and perspectives. The success of this meeting not only demonstrates the Rotary Club Shanghai’s commitment to intellectual enrichment and professional development but also reinforces its role as a platform for meaningful international dialogue.

The evening raised 5,505 RMB to support the Rotary International Disaster Response.

As the club looks forward to more such events in 2024, the successful kick-off with Gabor Holch’s “Dragon Suit” will be remembered as a benchmark for quality and engagement.

Written by PE Christian