“We are on our way to extinction,” said Patrick Nijs. “And this time, it is not a natural disaster like with the dinosaurs; this time, the reasons are man-made.”

In his highly anticipated speech, the former Ambassador for China and Mongolia emphasized the need for permaculture in the world. He shared his passion for permaculture and his project “Kabissa” in Yunnan. A project, that he considers a commitment and a way of life. By building an eco-house, producing organic crops, and spearheading innovation and education in Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture with a thorough engagement with the local community, Patrick and his partners aim to create a new way to think about the future.

Other highlights of the night were the induction of our new member Titus Bongart, sponsored by Tilman Rieger, as well as the celebration of our birthday stars in July, August, and September.

President Tiziana was delighted to welcome Rtn. Richard Fang as Chair of the election committee.

2,200 RMB of Happy Money was collected for the support of our Shanghai Sunrise service project.

Written by PE Christian Göttker