RCS/Youdao Family Day with Migrant Kids

by Jonathan Ortelli

Saturday, 6.3 am, the alarm clock hits like a hammer on the first day of the Dragon Boat weekend. Wanna sleep in, snooze … snooze and lose, lose the opportunity of making the day in someone’s life a little better, of making my day worth being lived and spent.

Quick shower, clothes, breakfast and go to meet the fellows Rotarians and friends, destination Qingpu Shoufeng Kindergarten: today is the Rotary Youdao Family Day! Youdao is a small organization founded in 2005 with a simple and meaningful goal: supporting and helping migrant workers children and their families, with both donations from their partners (and Rotary is one of them) and activities held in schools and kindergartens. We arrived at our destination at 8.30am, got acquainted with the children and got briefed about activities to be done. First assignment, preparing a “Happy Father’s Day” card, followed by games for everyone and all topped up with smiles, fun, happiness and joy till 11,30 when we said bye bye to the children and families and hopped on our back to downtown Shanghai.

Time is the most precious thing we have in life and sharing it with someone else if the best gift we can ever offer; next time I won’t snooze my alarm, I will be waiting for you – join us!

by Tiziana Richiardi

On Saturday, 16th a group of 13 volunteers paid a visit to a kindergarten in Qingpu District to enjoy some time with some of the kids our RCS program supported scholarship during this year through Youdao Foundation. 

Together we made nice gifts cards in occasion of Father’s Day and then we had several outdoor games. Fun was expected and so it was. We first won kids confidence and then everything went really good with high team spirit. After all games, time for a break and here is a great surprise for us: several kids performed for us. Someone sang, someone danced, someone recited some poetry. We ended our visit by offering gifts to the kids and by ritual group pictures and a sincere “see you soon”.

Jonathan Ortelli

Tiziana Richiardi

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