A story of Hope, A success for Gift of Life

On March, 20th night, Shanghai Rotary Club received an unexpected surprise during regular dinner meeting thanks to the organization of our SR Frank Yih, Rio Yuan and Rtn. Terry Chu.

One of the kids saved by Gift of Life came to visit us and it was the most delighted part of our meeting. His name is Wang Mang and he is now a 23 years old healthy young man, studying at Hefei University, major in Mechatronics. He was born with congenital heart disease and came to Shanghai in April, 2003 at the age of 8 for medical checks but after paying for all examinations his family found out they could not afford for surgery. Luckily they got to meet a GOL case and they learnt about the project. They got in touch with Frank Yih, Chair of GOL at that time and entered the program. Unfortunately, one month later doctors found out that his case was too complicated to be treated even in Shanghai and suggested him to return home.

Here comes the greatness of GOL: Gift of Life did not give up! If Wang Mang cannot be cured in China he could probably be cured abroad. They took all possible information and connection until they arranged to have him treated Toronto Sick Children Hospital. 6 weeks later Wang Mang had a successful surgery and was taken good care by Toronto clubs. Few months later he could come back to China as a new born healthy kid. Not to forget mentioning the fact that he is still in contact with volunteers that helped him during that period, wonderful people that took the decision to support his last two and a half university scholarship.

Meeting him was probably the best gift we could have. We are currently organizing an event to support Gift of Life (Global Grant Project), to save other lives. Wang Mang is the testimonial that together we can make a difference, together we can make GREAT things. Please support Gift of Life, join Rotary Club Shanghai annual big event on April, 7th

Tiziana Richiardi

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