Visiting sponsored RC in Nanjing

Last Wednesday (October 18th), President Moto along with directors Terri Lau, Frank Mulligan, and David Smith traveled to Nanjing to visit the Rotary Club of Nanjing’s regular meeting.   

The day was a special day for the club as it was the day they chose to recognize their members for their achievements with the symbolic pinning of all members and the elected officers by Charter President Joe Svoboda.  The club currently has 16 strong members with regular attendance with another 5-6 that have shown strong interest.

Nanjing is another city in China with a long history in Rotary.  The original Rotary club of Nanjing was chartered on January 19th, 1934.  During the meeting, we learned that during the Nanjing Massacre, there were 3 Rotarians that decided to stay in Nanjing to help in any way they could.

The club is focusing much of their efforts on organizing their first major club event; a 1500 person “Walkathon” tentatively scheduled for next April.  While many of the details have yet to be determined, it is sure to be a fantastic inaugural project.

The Nanjing club was started initially through the efforts of President Andrew and David almost a year ago.  Although it has not yet reached the 20 members it needs to achieve fully chartered status, with the level of dedication the current members are giving, we can be sure that day wont be long.

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