1st District Interact Conference in China

The 1st District Interact Conference of China took mplace on April 3rd. Hosted by the SHSID Interact Club, it was attended by 100 people from 8 clubs.
The idea of having the district conference was derived from the experience of attending the District Interact Conference of D2750 in Tokyo with 9 Interactors from Shanghai in 2015. We learned how to run the conference and what kind of activities were in Tokyo, and localized it here in China.

The Rotary Club of Shanghai currently sponsors 7 Interact Clubs, which is the world record for a single Rotary club sponsoring Interact clubs, thanks to the long-term initiative of PP Nikola Urosevic.

It was a great opportunity to connect Interactors from different area of the country, who could not otherwise meet each other. For example a club from Chengdu, which is 3 hours of flight from Shanghai, also joined the conference. Through the exchanging of idea among the Interactors, another Interact Exchange tour to D2750 is now under planning for July.

Motohiro Yamane

Member since: 2009

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