Austin Powers and the Swinging 60’s

Gala Dinner getting groovy

This year the RC Shanghai did something different. Instead of having the usual annual Gala Dinner, it went for the wild and zany. There was not only Pussy Galore, there was big hair galore, there were outrageous British accents and bald guys licking their little fingers. 

The key focus of the event was to raise awareness for Gift of Life, the flagship charity project of the RCS. A brilliant video introduced this important project, its mission and key supporters. An amazing buffet, with a focus on quality kept the guests happy. Our president gave, in addition to his speech, a dance routine – maybe he should incorporate this into the normal fellowship events? Fundan Hospital, partner hospital gave an appreciation certificate to RCS recognize the work GOL have done to save children’s lives (over 1000 since the beginning of the program).

Sam Tong directed the event with a masterful hand through many performances – an amazing singer singing ‘Memories’, a magician performance, Austin Powers dance moves under professional guidance and much more. Fun filled Rotarians and friends got on the dance floor and some on stage and danced away. The event raising over 100.000 RMB for charity.

Thank you to Linnet and her whole team – there is already talk about a themed event for next year.

Dr Christian Kober

Member since: 1999

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