Kicking off the New Year with Strikes and Smiles: RCS Fellowship at Hao’s Bowling

As the new year unfolds, the members of the RCS Fellowship gathered for a lovely evening at Hao’s Bowling, marking a vibrant start to 2024. This gathering served as a simple yet enjoyable way for members to reconnect and engage in a light-hearted activity outside our regular meetings.

Hao’s Bowling provided a relaxed setting where members and friends could casually interact. Conversations flowed as easily as the bowling balls rolled down the lanes, allowing participants to catch up and share experiences from the past year.

PE Christian, Rotarian Holger, and Markus were the most successful players of the night and were awarded a small but meaningful present sponsored by PP Frank.

Importantly, the event sparked a consensus among members about incorporating more playful activities into our future fellowship gatherings.

Written by PE Christian