RCS visits Christmas Market

Our Tuesday meeting before Christmas break tasted like Wednesday.

Yes, because we moved our appointment to enjoy Christmas vibes by visiting the German Christmas Market on the Bund which happens to be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The bravest Rotarians and friends dared to join. It was freezing but we found good ways to warm ourselves up: nothing a strong hug couldn’t solve (but some mulled wine and egg liquor might have helped some of us as well).

Despite the cold, the atmosphere was festive and full of joy with music, food, drinks, vibrant colours, twinkling lights and vendors everywhere. It was wonderful that our friend Tilman T. was able to find a lovely space for our group to relax, chat and have a good time.

However, it’s a pity that some people could not locate the designated spot even with the messages and information sent by Vivian and Wen. The crazy crew never moved because we realized it could have been challenging to find one another in such a crowded and bustling market. Hopefully, they were still able to enjoy the market.

Overall the experience was unique and memorable!

Written by President Tiziana