How do you Handle 45 Little Balls of Energy?

Improvise, adapt, overcome. Sometimes the classic lessons you would get in a military training will be very helpful in day to day life, most of all when you have to manage 45 little kids full of energy, full of joy and full of will of learning new things.

It’s the first time that I’ve been asked to take the lead and organize our usual Youdao Family day event -luckily with the help of my two guardian Angels, Terri and Tiziana!- and make sure that everything will be smooth…Three words in my mind: Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Ten people needed for the day … let’s make them 15 (oversleeping and, hey!, also “setbacks” happen…) find a good meeting point, send the maps, remember everyone the date and time twice or thrice a week and wait for the morning of the Youdao Family day.

We leave from the Marriot City Center at 7.45 am and arrive at the school in Baoshan area quite early; 12 fellow Rotarians and friends show up, the teachers and Youdao volunteers help us organizing these 45 little fellas, and the activities start.

Two and a half hours filled with games, learning activities, smiles and a couple of “Wo ting bu dong”.

It’s always nice to see fellow Rotarian friends of different ages and countries to cooperate and help these little brats… Ehm, Kids! I meant very happy, full of energy and enthusiastic lovely kids J

Have a snack, deliver some gift to the kid (they behaved perfectly, so very well deserved) and let’s go back to our homes, a little tired but very happy!

Improvise, adapt, overcome; worked this time, shall we try with Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds next?

Jonathan Ortelli

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