103 Years RCS!

Rotarians and their guests joined the party on November 5th to
celebrate the 103rd birthday of the Rotary Club of Shanghai. 

President David welcomed seven visitors, among them the acting
presidents of RC Elysée and RCSW. The president of Toastmasters
International Shanghai, plus four additional Toastmasters, celebrated with us.

Amplify Your Passion

When all 40 guests had taken their seats at the festively-set table in
the indoor garden of Ride Café, some Rotarians and guests started
wondering about the two round objects in front of them. “Is that a
decoration or is it edible?”, was a commonly-heard question. They
were finally enlightened when President David Smith showed us
how we could open and enjoy the passion fruits brought to remind
us of this year’s RCS theme, “Amplify Your Passion”

There would have been even more participants if sudden compound lockdowns hadn’t prevented some Rotarians from joining.

Terri Lau updated us on the recent success stories from our signature “Gift of Life” project.

Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and festive atmosphere. There
was much laughter, and people exchanged their experiences of being Rotarians, Toastmasters and Shanghainese.

After-party Cheers

Many guests later carried on the lovely spirit of the night by having
another drink together at the Time Passage bar.

Written by Christian Göttker