Career Empowerment Program

RCS’ New Project Launched

RCS Career Empowerment Program (CEP) is to support the community through targeted mentorship.

Supporting the community has a way of bring people together in the best ways. On January 4th meeting RCS had the first session of Career Empowerment Program, an undertaking by Rotarians Elizabeth and Tilman. The second session was held online on March 29th.


The premise of the program is to support the community through targeted mentorship. The CEP team asked community collaborators about their mentoring needs in the weeks prior and created an inventory of mentors to respond to these needs. Mentees from multiple backgrounds, including community collaborators Shanghai Young Bakers and Shanghai Sunrise, met with Rotarians, Rotaractors, and friends for life and career guidance and advice.


Rotarians, Rotaractors, and many kind friends signed up to provide invaluable mentorship to our community. We are looking forward to seeing even more participants at the next CEP session. Come to contribute, and be inspired!

RCS Service Committee will share more upcoming CEP events.

Carlotta Godio

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