RCS @ Butterfly Cup 2023

A resolute and motivated team, led by our dedicated team captain, Tomas, along with perfect weather conditions, formed the (winning) formula for RCS’s participation in this year’s Butterfly Cup. This prestigious event, impeccably organized as always by RC Shanghai Elysee, showcased our team’s determination and spirit.

Despite an unfavorable start due to our keeper Markus Berger’s illness, our team secured two convincing victories in the initial matches. Following a tied result in the third group match, we emerged as the group’s champions, earning our place in the knockout round. There, we faced a formidable opponent from the LFS (French International School).

Although we held the lead for a substantial part of the match and had several promising scoring opportunities, the game ultimately concluded in a draw. In the ensuing penalty shootout, our opponent demonstrated remarkable composure. While our emergency goalkeeper, Christian, managed to deflect one penalty, two of our players aimed too high, missing their attempts.

It was an emotionally charged day marked by remarkable sportsmanship and a heartwarming experience for many of us, as we had the privilege of witnessing the courageous Butterfly Kids both on the big screen and in person at the venue. Truly, this day embodied the essence of the Rotarian spirit.