RCS Speaker Meeting November 14, 2023

Our meeting began with us exchanging banners. Anne brought a banner from Rotary Singapore West, while Alejandro brought two banners from Madrid 7 and Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

Next, Tiziana called up the November birthday fellows to the stage. Valtero had the privilege of blowing out the cake candles alone because Joanna arrived a bit later to the dinner meeting.

After dinner, the highlight of the evening was SR Andrew Hill’s speech. He explained the current situation of Rotary District 52 (also known as Rotary China) and discussed the initiatives planned for the coming year. He also provided suggestions on how to improve our club.

In more detail, he discussed the importance of timely elections to ensure a smooth transition of leaders and allow more time for their training. He also mentioned the possibility of shortening the SR assignment from three to two years. Additionally, he proposed the idea of creating a district newsletter for better communication between all the clubs. Lastly, he introduced his idea of making Chinese an official language within Rotary, which is not currently the case.

Andrew concluded his presentation by highlighting future Rotary-related events and inviting everyone to strongly consider participating in the next Rotary International Convention in Singapore in May 2024.

The Saddle moment brought a mix of sweetness and bitterness as we received unexpected and sad news. Tom Thong, a former RCS member and President, had passed away.

Written by Carlotta