RCS Speaker Meeting February 19, 2024

Welcome New Members & Introduction Presentations

We were delighted to welcome new potential member to our Rotary

family. Ioana Kraft took the stage to introduce herself, sharing her pro-

fessional background, personal interests, and her passion for making a

positive impact in local community.

Salman Nasir and Thomas Rauss have joined us as full members. Let

us give a warm Rotary welcome to them. We look forward to their valu-

able contributions and collaboration in our various service projects.

Keynote Speaker – Jeff Hasenfratz on “Building Israeli-Palestinian Bridg-

es in the West Bank”,

Our meeting featured an insightful and emotional presentation by Jeff

Hasenfratz (our own VP) on “Building Israeli-Palestinian Bridges in the

West Bank”, helped us understood the origins of “Roots”, their prog-

ress, challenges, and seeking support to continue their effort under

current circumstances.

Upcoming Events and Initiatives

As we move forward, let’s stay united in our commitment to service.

Upcoming events include 2024 Rotary China District Conference on

13th&14th April, and Rotary Beijing 100th Anniversary on 20th April.

Written by Rtn. Alayna