RCS Speaker Meeting February 27, 2024

The Rotary Club of Shanghai continues its growth path. During the RCS speaker meeting on February 27th, Mark Duffner, a long-term friend of RCS, gave his introduction talk. He expressed his wish to give back to RI and the community, as he has been on a student exchange program with RI in his youth.

Speaker Committee Chair and RCS VP Jeff was able to secure another tremendous speaker. Dr. Vilia Lyell, Psychologist at Parkway Health and Community Center Shanghai spoke on the topic “Fostering Connection, Healing and Repair in Families”. Dr. Lyell’s insightful and inspiring speech gave practical recommendations on how to create safety in communication in different relationships, how to unravel the survival knot in conflict and explained the difficult role of the so-called “reptile brain”.

President Tiziana introduced Rtn. Titus as the new Treasurer of RCS.

We concluded the meeting and the Rotary month of peace with a toast to Peace in the world.

Written by Rtn. Christian Goettker