RCS Speaker Meeting March 5, 2024

Welcome to our special Rotary Meeting celebrating International

Women’s Day in the serene atmosphere of the pagoda. Today, we

come together to honor the inspiring women among us and to rec-

ognize their invaluable contributions to our community.

We were delighted to have Ioana joined us following her recent

Introduction, let us give a warm Rotary welcome to her. We look

forward to her valuable contributions and collaboration in our var-

ious service projects.

As we commence our meeting, we have the privilege to present

a captivating and empowering topic, “Leading with Courage: Our

TEDx NYU Shanghai Journey” by two outstanding individuals, Adri-

an Gimenez Romera and Makayla Hsieh. Their remarkable presen-

tation delved into their experiences and insights on leadership,

courage, and the transformative power of ideas.

We are honored to have them share their TEDx NYU Shanghai

journey with us today. Their story will undoubtedly inspire us all to

embrace courage, strive for excellence, and champion the ideals of

equality and empowerment for women in our society.

Following the presentation, we have partaken in a delightful cel-

ebration as we shared a delicious cake to honor all our members

who are born in March. We have to come

together and rejoice in the joy of birthdays and the spirit of camara-

derie that defines our Rotary community.

As we move forward, let’s stay united in our commitment to service.

Written by Rtn. Alayna

HAPPY MONEY: RMB 12,888.00