In our last Rotary event, we had the pleasure of listening to Frank Tsai speak. Frank is the founder and CEO of China Crossroads, an organization that hosts talks from a variety of distinguished speakers. Frank gave a talk about the importance of civil society and how being part of communities allows us to flourish as human beings. He is known for being quite outspoken. One of his most controversial ideas was that we should abandon the notion of needing to improve our mental health individually, and instead focus on how being part of communities can automatically improve our mental health. This idea certainly sparked a lot of debate.

Aside from Frank’s talk, this meeting marked the beginning of preparations for the joint celebration of Frank’s 90th birthday and Rotary’s 104th birthday. The room was filled with great excitement as we started planning for this upcoming event, where we will have the opportunity to celebrate one of the major icons of Shanghai Rotary. With the anticipation of this party and the engaging presence of Frank as a unique speaker, it was a fun night enjoyed by all.

Written by Rn. Rohit Ballal