Rotary Club of Shanghai 104th Charter Anniversary and Frank’s 90 Birthday Party combined with Mid-Autumn Festival

What a spectacular 3-in-1 party! Together with 150 guests, Rtn. Frank Yih and the Rotary Club of Shanghai celebrated Frank’s 90th birthday together with 104 years of RCS and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Frank, a founding member of the rechartering of RCS, opened his doors to guests from several Rotary Clubs and long-term friends, including some of his schoolmates. It was great to see representatives from D52 led by SR Andrew Hill, representatives from different clubs in China, including Interact Club of Shanghai American School and community partners joining together under the festive spirit.

Under the leadership of RCS President Tiziana, PP Tracy and PP Terri, supported mainly by Frank’s assistants Rio and Sasha, RCS Club Admin Vivian and Terri’s assistant Shirley, organized a spectacular party with live music, casino games, karaoke, and a lot of fun and laughter.

The birthday boy and host, Frank, moved from table to table to cheer with old and young friends, obviously enjoying the festive atmosphere.

As he couldn’t be there in person, RCS Honorary Member Randal, who had initiated the rechartering for RCS together with Frank, organized a Zoom meeting that allowed many former RCS members and friends to celebrate Frank and RCS online and take a glance into the celebrations at Frank’s home through a quick video conference.

RCS President Tiziana named Frank a “continuous source of inspiration” and gifted him a beautiful Magnolia painting from Snowland.

Although Frank later jestingly stated, “What party already ends at 9:30 pm,” everyone truly enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere, wonderful food, and great location.

President Tiziana stated: “After all the restrictions of the past years, we needed – we deserved – we wanted SUCH a party and we just HAD IT!!!”