SCMC Visit

A group of 9  from RCS and friends visited the young leukemia patients in the Shanghai Children Medical Center on Dec 1st.  Some of us met earlier to prepare for the arts and crafts paper work and  getting everything ready for the afternoon. It was a nice fellowship time before the hospital visit.

Santa was the first to arrive (Sam Tung). We were greeted by Helena our hospital volunteer leading us to the floors. Due to their illness we all had to wear face mask. We divided up the work, some were in charge of the arts and craft interactions with the children, some were Santa’s helper carrying gifts to each room to hand out Christmas presents, and I was the photographer.

It was a bitter sweet experience. It brings great joy to see the children smile when Santa walked in the room, yet some were too week to sit up or even to get out of bed. As a parent, it makes you want to go home and hug your own children, and a reminder how blessed we are to have healthy love ones. Only about 50% of these young patients will fully recover. I am glad RCS was able to make a tiny difference to these children and their family.

Linnet Kwok

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