This weeks meeting began on a somber note as news spread that their

beloved president, Tiziana, had fallen ill. As a collective, the club sent

their well wishes for a speedy recovery. In the midst of uncertainty,

Christian, kindly stepped in to host the event, ensuring that the night

would continue in Tiziana’s absence.

Despite the initial setback, the Rotary Club dinner proved to be an

evening of enlightenment and introspection. The guest speaker, Adina

Deacu, an environmental psychologist, captivated the audience with

her insightful talk on how our environments shape our behaviors and

attitudes. Deacu shed light on the profound impact that our surround-

ings have on our daily lives, and the responsibility we all share in cre-

ating sustainable and nurturing environments. Her words sparked a

lively discussion among the attendees, leaving them with a wealth of

food for thought.

In the face of adversity, the Rotary Club dinner not only showcased

the strength of its members but also highlighted the importance of

adaptability and the power of knowledge. It served as a reminder that

even in challenging times, we are there for each other. The meeting

ended with a group photo as we knew Tiziana would be missing us

all. The evening left a lasting impression on the attendees, reinforcing

the value of community, compassion, and the continuous pursuit of


Written by Rn. Rohit Ballal