Yoga to end Polio

Hatha yoga class to raise awareness and support the Rotary Foundation to eradicate Polio

Gift of Life: Update

Update and new photos for the Gift of Life project

Shanghai Young Bakers

SYB is one of the great organizations we are thrilled to support. The school provides young kids from the countryside who can’t go to college with a skilled trade that brings joy to everyone with a sweet tooth.

Baby’s Home, an open door for great volunteering

Baby’s Home is a Non-governmental Public Welfare Institutions providing medical aid to orphans with special needs in orphanages all over the country.

How do you Handle 45 Little Balls of Energy?

45 little kids full of energy, full of joy and full of will of learning new things

The Library Project


The power of Rotary, another successful story

Once upon a time there was a Rotarian. During his daily work he noticed that his company was on about to throw into garbage over 400 notebooks they previously bought as promotional items, but employees forgot to deliver to customers when needed.